Please please

by Wombs

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released August 1, 2007

Ryan Manning: Guitar, Vocals
Jayson Gerycz: Drums, Kaoss Pad, Bambino.
Chris Brown: Bass.
Joe Boyer: Bass on "to:art"
Ana Vasquez: Violin
Nicholas Ciulla: trumpet
Sean Manning: Conga on "berry' and "fruit" and bird manipulation on "Don't"
Logan Manning, Ricky Manning, and Sarah Antonelli: vocals on "Science" and "Don't"




Wombs Cleveland, Ohio

The Wombs are Jayson Gerycz, Ryan Manning, Chris Brown, and Ana Vasquez. They like getting loud, then quiet, then loud.

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Track Name: Science
There's no feeling
Quite like bleeding
You may be cold
but you'll be warm
when the womb you're in's on fire.
Oh please oh please oh please oh please oh oooooooooo...
Track Name: Magnet on a TV Screen
Seven times around, well people when they fuck are thinking problem solved
Things will be better in an other's day.
Things will be perfect, just like today! Hooray!

What is happening to me?
Magnet on a t.v. screen.
I can see you in plain sight.
But I accept you Mr. Parasite

Fellas grab your ladies
and hold them close
hope that you love parasites
cause you're the host.
Track Name: Sheldon
You will never know
What its like the grow
and when you died you left me
all alone
But you
will come back

And I know you're right
I know, you'll be back tonight

You will never grow.
You didn't eat your food.
You lived under a heat light
in my room
You were, now you aren't

Hello, this is Sheldon
Please stop crying over me.
I have many tortoise friends here
and much food to eat.
when your time on earth is over, and please,
live your life to the fullest
we'll be together again, happy
Track Name: August
First day of august
I was on the ferris wheel
You were next to me and there were
colored lights all in a wheel
you leaned in for a kiss and then


Your lips were cold and trembling
were just a friend yesterday

we heard a crack and then looked down.
The ground that was so far away

was inching nearer every moment

I couldn't breath
I couldn't think
My heart it stopped it's ever persistent beat
It was the last/best day of my life
Track Name: Soliptember
I wanna live on the sea
The curve of the earth and you and me
Grateful robot that's the one
Solipsism in me

I wanna live in a tree
Eucalyptus life for me
A grapefruit robot that's the one
Solipsism in me
Track Name: To: Art
Could it possibly be
That you're the one I always need?
There are millions and millions of people in the world
and you are all I need
Here comes the bad news
As if you didn't have clues

I can't draw
I can't paint
I am too content with you
I need paint to drip from wounds
Cause art takes pain
and you don't hurt
You're a heated womb
Sexual Dessert

Could it possibly be
That at the time I was really happy?
We smiled and laughed and hugged and kissed but
What does that really mean?
A utopian dream
Made of

Answer answer answer us
Are you cancer cancer cancerous?

You suck my blood
Until my veins turn black
I want my eyes
I want my vision back
Content and happy
(hug hug)
Content and happy
(kiss kiss)
Content and happy
(suck suck)
content and
Fuck fuck
Track Name: Birthday
How much does it cost?
All sense of self is lost
And i need chemicals to care about
the things that matter to you.

Well I guess it's not so bad
living in a world of hope to see a normal day
The more you understand the less you're understood
And you're turning out worse
than you ever thought you would
Just ignore the glass ignore reflection's shine
Track Name: Bleach Fruit
Every person and every single one you know
Is just a thing inside itself inside a little show
and you can make it you can make it glow.
And every pixel and every single hologram
Is just as real as any god or son or mother's hand
and you can make it, you can make it glow.

Oh my brother, do the pixels make you're dreams?
Oh please, rest my lungs in a machine.

Communication, weed out the use of verbs and nouns
A conversation of click click click click clicking sounds
and you can make it you can make it glow
Don't forget
that you are
still a boy
to me
though your veins
and your heart
pump elec

Oh my brother's veins bleed electricity
Oh please, rest his bones in a machine

Oh my brother cut his wires made him bleed
Oh please, rest his heart in a machine
Track Name: Bleach Berry
Sharpen your teeth obey beliefs
Remove finger tips
Carve your mouth into a smile
Throw the pieces in a pile
Now that skin is starting to burn
mother's womb will be your urn
Swallow hope you'll need persuasion
something to mask real sensation

Eyes are useless for what we need
Shark that's toothless
Eyes are a weed that needs pulling
so forget schooling that says you'll die
you'll never die
Track Name: Machinesss
Just turn up the dial to seven
My friends are watching ellipses expand
lightning, it comes in patterns
My ears are bleeding I cant comprehend
Lightning is so beautiful
Please just make it stop just make it stop

All my friends are leaving me behind
All the colors, I used to hear are kind-of
like a tasteless brine
Why don't they just turn off the machine?
My ears are going to start to bleed
Track Name: Don't
Air is dry and filled with smoke
Take in a breath begin to choke the
world is ending now
Don't pray.
What's it going to do anyway?

Just watch your mother cry
As your father dies
Watch morals erode
As the world implodes

Where's our god one of them spoke
Our lives to him, are they a joke?
Do all the things we thought we knew
matter now cause me and you our
Lives are ending now
No gods or holy cows
don't pray
What's it going to do anyway?
Track Name: science [post-natal]
There's no feeling
Quite like bleeding
You may be cold
but you'll be warm
when the womb you're in's on fire.
Oh please oh please oh please oh please oh oooooooooo...